Tactics to Knowing your Girl is CHEATING!!!

I am about to wreak havoc but that is just fine! I’ll live through it. Hey guys, Hope you’ve been enjoying this new turn my blog has taken. Just in case you haven’t read my previous posts on How to Figure out She Likes You in Few Minutes (From a Girl’s Point Of View) or Ways You can’t miss she loves your MONEY and not You  Click right away and do enjoy.

Now to the business at hand. Relationships are quite messy and mine wasn’t an exception. Speculations on a significant other’s fidelity is a huge factor to the destruction of relationships. So here’s how to confirm your suspicion (from a girl’s perspective):

  1. Less ‘alone’ Time is spent with you
  2. She no longer does the little things she used to do with you like… ‘I have no idea’
  3. There’s this particular friend always calling lately and when you ask she says “It’s just my friend, why are you acting jealous?”
  4. There’s a particular time in the day you cannot get across to her.
  5. If she smells differently every time she returns
  6. Excessive secretiveness (deleting messages or mail and excusing themselves for a particular call).
  7. She tells a different story every time you ask her about a particular event when she is not around.
  8. She gets angry or upset when you show up without prior announcement.


So guys it is what it is and please, you can’t draw your conclusions if this list is not fully revised (just because she does one of the things on this list doesn’t mean she is cheating). Here’s a Quick Fact: Did you know that Wednesday is the most popular day for people to cheat and guess at what time? Afternoon! And no I’m not joking right now. I love you all, Enjoy the rest of the day.


Catherine Goodluck


Sources: www.wikihow.com  and www.womansday.com



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