Have you come across certain fashion brands you found really challenging to pronounce? Or did you try as much as possible to mention their ideal forms of pronunciation and sounded so far from what you thought was right? So true! You are not the only bean in the pod and trust me, we all are … Continue reading IDEAL PRONUNCIATION OF TRENDING FASHION BRAND

Why Your Girl CHEATS!!!

So I’m about to give a long speech about my past relationship as an intro but let me spare you the boredom. The kitchen is getting real hot with this relationship cooking and all that. The responses have been amazing. Thank you very much, don’t forget to write to me by mail or leave your … Continue reading Why Your Girl CHEATS!!!

Tactics to Knowing your Girl is CHEATING!!!

 Now to the business at hand. Relationships are quite messy and mine wasn’t an exception. Speculations on a significant other’s fidelity is a huge factor to the destruction of relationships. So here’s how to confirm your suspicion (from a girl’s perspective):